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Some news! [11 Oct 2004|12:57pm]

Well I have some news for you guys ;) Like I said before all the members of Poker Face will be going on to make music, and now it becomes more clear ;) Akira and Masaki will stay together and Leo and Kohta. Akiras and Masakis new band will be named BYAKKO or something like that. Leo and Kotha want to start their activities in the next year. As soon as I know more I will tell you ;)

*sniff* [14 Sep 2004|01:12pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

They are disbanding... On 09/26 they will give they last live.... But each mamber will have his own projekt and band, so all of them will not stop to make music ;)

6 xx

community starts! [14 Sep 2004|12:32pm]

welcome to my new community ^-^

hope you like it!

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